Heyyyy guysss, I’m opening commission right now ^^

All of my work are tradition artworks, more specifically, water color on paper 😀

Chibis :

  • very simple back ground and/or accessories
  • add an extra 2 dollars for each extra character to each, i will do a total of 5 characters max 


  • be specific of the plot and the lines for each frame
  • if it’s up to me to come up with the line, i will ask for $1 for 2 frames (sorry >_<)

What i will/can do: I can do over complicated patterns and designs, and i can do chibis of animals, nsfw content

What i cant/wont do: I cant do furry art, simple chibi animal is okay though (ex. Elizabeth the 3rd for Jumin) and i won’t do complicated clothing design

where to message me: dm me on here on tumblr if you are interested 

thank you for your attention ^_^

from My Tumblr Design Blog http://ift.tt/1VShxZv http://ift.tt/2vs0So4

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