juminssi: Title: The Pierrot’s last Joker [ 2 ] Fandom: Mystic MessengerGenre:…


Title: The Pierrot’s last Joker [ 2 ]

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Genre: Angst/Romance/Mystery
Pairing: Jumin Han x Reader/MC/You

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a|n wew. i finally finished this one!! thank you all for the support on the first part! i love y’all chus! what even is writing lolol

After what happened, the security inside Jumin’s pent house doubled. You weren’t exactly sure how to feel about body guards now going anywhere you go 24/7 but you tried to understand. It was needed. Both of you seemed to be under the threat of an unknown assailant. Who would even dare play a prank that worst? If that is, what happened, was nothing but a prank. You had a feeling that somehow, it’s a prologue to something far more fearsome.

Ever since that fated day, Jumin has been acting out of character. You’d often wake up in the middle of the night and see him looking at you while sitting on a chair that’s placed just a few feet away from the bed, the look on his face a daze so deep he even fails to notice you’re already awake and was staring back at him. Furthermore, his habits of habitually drinking became an everyday necessity. Even in mornings, you’d see him chugging a bottle of wine or two. Until now, you couldn’t keep your thoughts to yourself anymore.

“Honey?” You finally managed to gather your nerves and come up to him as he sat peacefully on the living room couch, his hands full with paper works that were possibly from work.

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“Hey Scum, what do you mean that fans ruined Zen for you? He’s great!!”




Oh, yeah? Context? I reblogged an ask meme about people sending me in non-existent fic titles to see what I would write based off the titles alone.

I got this one:

Where I mistyped and accidentally insinuated that Zen was an idol instead of an actor (my bad) due to me trying to explain he probably goes through what kpop idols do at times. Instead of someone going “I think you mistyped.” or literally just politely asking me if I meant to insinuate he was an idol, I got this:


And then was bombarded with these.

Over an ask meme.

On hypothetical fics that don’t even exist, on a post that wasn’t even tagged with any of MM’s tags or Zen’s name.

So, uh, yeah. If people (or one very dedicated Zen ‘fan’) are going to ream me a new one over such a small mistake on an hypothetical ask meme, imagine my thoughts on Zen after I can literally only connect him to this type of shit.

Over an ask meme, for fucks sake.

People who hate on fanfiction are 10x louder and never hesitate.

@reluctantrfamember sounds similar??

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